Setting up SyncTERM

In this post I will explain how to install and configure a basic SyncTERM setup. This setup will be using Windows but SyncTERM installs just as easy on Linux and OS X.

I am not going to get into all the advanced configurations, SyncTERM does a lot, but just enough to get you up and running and connecting to a BBS (this example, unashamedly, uses my BBS as the example).

So, on to the how-to!

(Screen shots are at the bottom of the directions)

  1. Download SyncTERM for your operating system HERE. (Pay attention to where you download the file)
  2. Launch the setup program from the download location.
  3. At the following screen (see IMG1) you either select to have a populated list of BBS’s or start with a blank list (I prefer to uncheck the box as opposed to deleting BBS’s I won’t connect to at a later time).
  4. The rest of the installation is pretty much just clicking NEXT
  5. Check the box to launch SyncTERM at the end of the install.
  6. When SyncTERM loads you will see the following screen (see IMG2)
  7. ┬áPress the”insert” key on your keyboard to create a new entry and enter the name of the BBS (see IMG3)
  8. Under “Connection Type” choose “Raw” (Yes, you will be connecting via Telnet, but choosing Raw will aleviate problems withing with the external apps in the BBS.) (See IMG 4)
  9. Now enter the address of the bbs. It can either be an IP address or an actual name (in this case we use my BBS in which the IP is attached to a domain name). If you do enter the IP DO NOT enter the port afterwwards, that will be done in the next step. (see IMG5)
  10. That will add the BBS to the list, now press “F2” to edit listing and you will see specialized settings for this BBS. All you need to worry about is the “TCP Port” this is where you will put the port number in if the BBS specifies one other than port 23. If they do not, enter 23 (my BBS uses port 2323, so that is displayed)(see IMG6).
  11. You are now able to conenct to the listed BBS by selecting it and hitting “Enter”
  12. And that my friends is all there is to setting up SyncTERM to connect to a BBS!
Syncterm setup