What the hell is a BBS?

Back in the late 80′ and early 1990’s this would have been a stupid question. During those decades before the Internet, BBS’s (Bulletin Board System) ruled supreme, the Sysop (System Operator) was considered a VIP, and being “online” was in vogue.

That was 30 or more years ago. Technology has grown so large and common place that there are adults alive now who do not even know a world that was without email, the world wide web, social media, Facebook, etc. The concept of connecting over a VERY slow phone line and not having instant gratification is alien to them. They never got to hear the “modem handshake” sound of getting connected.

So, there are LOTS of resources on the web to tell you about the glory days of the BBS. I will make some blog posts that will talk a little more in detail about the how’s and why’s and what-for’s.¬† For now just know that a BBS is slightly similar to modern day forums, social media and chat.

What is Deep Thought BBS?

Deep Thought BBS is connected to via a “telnet client”. You don’t have to know details, you just need to download one, set it up (super easy, I’ll teach you in a blog post), and connect. That is the easy part. The hard part is losing your concept of modern technology and dive into a world where graphics were NOT king, content and community was.

Deep Thought BBS is a Mystic BBS that has a few main focuses:

  1. The first is community and content. The message boards are the meat and potatoes of the BBS. It’s focus is on BBS tech (how-tos, discussion, reminiscing), Linux, and a little bit of levity. There are some generalized and fxNET topics as well. But the focus is to bring like-minded people together in a smaller, more manageable community at a slower pace. Quality, not quantity.
  2. The second¬† is for fun and reminiscing. A lot of us in our 40’s, 50’s and 60’s embraced this technology many years ago. Getting to enjoy it again, converse with fellow “bbsers” and remember why some of us actually ended up in the IT field as a career choice because of the BBS. Plus, there are online games that predate most, but not all, DOS games and were the catalysts for modern gaming.
  3. To share the BBS spirit with others and help teach a new generation of the joys it can still bring. ‘Nuff said.

So, now what?

Get logged in!! Here is a super quick start:

  1. Download SyncTERM
  2. Connect to bbs.deepthoughtbbs.com
  3. Create an account
  4. HAVE FUN!

Sure, there are other steps in there, which as I said, I will cover in detail in a blog post. But for the most part, that is really it. A BBS can be accessed regardless of computer age, graphics ability and operating system. It’s literally available to the masses!

Be sure to read the blog posts with the tags bbs, newby, syncterm in them and you’ll be on your way!